Hi, I’m Miguel Chacon and I am the founder and principal of WebVybe. I envision this site as being a go to resource for novice and experienced SEOs alike. Throughout my many years as an SEO I have benefited from the knowledge of others and I want to freely share what I know with anyone who asks. I hope to empower site owners with the knowledge to distinguish what services they need and how to value them. I hope to accomplish this with a blog of SEO news, information, and questions and answers. I will also be conducting high level site audits for free for as long as I am able. I intend to combat myths, misconceptions and patronizing which I find rampant on many SEO information sites. I hope you find this site useful and if you do please share it with your friends in need of good SEO help.

Finally, WebVybe is also a provider of SEO consulting services. We understand that as much as you would like to understand all aspects of your website you might just be better off letting a professional handle it and I am happy to help.

When you have a webpage featuring great original content or a great product SEO will remove the obstacles that prevent search engines from finding that page and showing it to the right audience. SEO also evangelizes for your website and gets the right people to notice and recommend your website.