What Is The Difference Between Trust and Authority?

A website can be authoritative and not trustworthy.
A website can be trustworthy and not authoritative.
Ideally you would like to have a website that is authoritative and trustworthy.
Authority is a ranking factor but trust is not.
Authority is measured by google search engine algorithms as part of pagerank.
Inbound links have the most effect on authority.
Trust can’t be measured. Even though people may express that they trust someone/something a lot or a little, trust is a binary condition, you either trust someone/something or you don’t. This is why trust is not part of the ranking algorithm.
Trust is often mentioned as a crucial part of SEO because it is trust that eventually leads to authority. People link to webpages when they trust the quality, veracity, humor, longevity, etc. Those links help the site become authoritative.